AR-15 Build Class

Learn how an AR-15 and each of its componets work while building your very own rifle! You will assemble everything from the barrel and gas tube, to the upper receiver and bolt carrier, the lower receiver, trigger group, plus stock and sights - drawn from Tacticool inventory and assembled in the shop!


What does Tacticool provide?

We supply the knowledge, tool, inventory an expertise in a closed shop environment - the shop is yours!


What do you need?

You can schedule and pay for your appointment below, or call the store. You can purchase your componets prior to the class, and choose from our full range of AR parts to customize your build! 


Ready to build? Schedule and pay for your class now!

Complete Lower Build Class: $49.99

Complete Upper Build Class: $49.99

Complete Rifle Build Class: $99.99


Prefer to pay in the store? Call or email reserve your class: 

757-595-1627 or 


-Financing is available for qualified applicants-